Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bike To Work Week

The challenge I gave myself was to go to as many Bike to Work Week celebration stations as I could. I reworked my schedule and google mapped my routes. 

Monday started off late. I rushed into a rain jacket and got the kids into theirs. This was our first ride in the wet. I got to the station just as they were packing up, but in time to get a few treats. Since I had a teddy on the front seat, the local newspaper photographer was keen to snap a few shots and I answered a couple of her questions. 

The afternoon station was also located close to home and since Jose was with the kids, I hopped on my bike solo. It was a nice pit stop on the way to pick up supper. A volunteer recognized me from the morning and bragged to another volunteer about my carrying the kids on my bike. 

Today's travels: 28.4 km


  1. Nice to meet you and the kids and hope to get a few small groups together this summer with kids on bikes!

    1. It was great to bump into you at the BBQ! I saw a picture of you at FernFest's KidicalMass, and I was sad to have missed it! Are you guys coming to Music in the Park at Beckwith on July 23?