Monday, 3 June 2013

BTWW: Day 2

We spent the morning puttering around the house. After lunch, we needed fresh air. We headed out to Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary to feed the ducks. I hoped Nae-J would fall asleep before we got there, but she wanted to see the birds too. We fed a handful of ducks brave enough to swim by and headed to the BTWW station. 

Both kids were on the flight deck and happily said "cheese" when they saw the cameras. People seem really happy to see children on adult bikes. A gentleman came to speak with me. As it turns out, Mr S. also owns an Xtracycle. He has a Hooptie for his kids (aged 6 and younger) and has built his own foot/underbag rest. He offered some pointers on how he rigged it up and gave me his card. It comes as no surprise that he wants to go for leisure rides with other families. 

We set out to our next station. Nae-J fell asleep on Skippy and JahJ wanted to hop off as soon as we arrived. Click, click, click- the Times Colonist photographer gathered the info he needed and makes no promises of our being in the paper. His colleague interviewed me and I hope that I didn't mumble into his recording device. "It's a 24-speed Devinci London with Xtracycle's FreeRadical attachment. I've been riding it for a month and it's been a blast. The kids have quickly gotten used to it and enjoy spending more time outside." That's what I hope he took away. 

I chatted with Jim and Ryan about the bicycle advocacy they are doing with the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition. When their dreams become reality, Admirals Rd and Shelbourne Ave will be equipped with cycle track bike lanes, making those routes more welcoming to those who travel by bicycle. Ryan reminded me that roads are for moving things: whether by car, truck, bus, or bike, we are all moving along.

Today's travels: 14.4 km
Week's total to date: 42.8 km

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