Wednesday, 5 June 2013

BTWW: Day 3

Our night's sleep was interrupted. As such we didn't make it to the morning celebration stations. To make up the miles, I rode the scenic route to Oak Bay along Dallas rd. It occurred to me that I had never made it up King George Terr hauling 50ish more pounds than I usually do. I decided not to climb Victoria's steepest road and took side streets to Oak Bay's Municipal Hall. The director of BTWW British Columbia took a quick picture of us. We weren't in the greatest of moods, so I doubt that picture will be the week's best. 

We loaded back up and headed to "the blue park". JahJ was cold so I had to stop to help him put his jacket on. Then the idea of playing in a park under an overcast sky was just the very thing he wanted. We played at Chancellor Park, filled out a few ballots, chatted with some commuters who recognized me from a magazine (!?) and packed up. Nae-J whined the 8kms home, but it wasn't as bad as our first bike commute home a month ago in the borrowed Chariot. It's all about perspective!

I saw a man picking mint from a ditch by the Goose. My Ma used to do that at the most embarrassing intersections in Montreal when I was growing up. But this mint smelled phenomenal and all I could imagine were the mojitos it could render. And the mango strawberry mint salad. Mmmmm. Yep! I've got to stop and pick some soontime. 

Today's travels: 30.9 km
Week's total to date: 73.7 km 

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