Friday, 7 June 2013

BTWW: Day 4

It was raining lightly when we started our trek to Blenkinsop Trestle. Then it started raining a little on the heavy side, but since we were all three dressed for the occasion, we were somewhat comfortable. A man on a 4-person tandem bicycle with two children pedaling waved as we crossed each other. I had seen him earlier during the week, and would like to talk to him about family biking. If you know who this family is, please let me know!

So speedy

At the station I chatted with a man who rode with his daughter when she was 6-10 years old on a trail-a-bike. He was in no rush to get her riding on her own, knowing he could cover more ground with her attached. He bragged that sometimes, on a flat stretch, his daughter would offer to pedal alone, and managed to push them along. 

We took the long way home as the rain petered out. We stopped at Chorizo & Co. for a breakfast sandwich that was out of this world! I now understand why Jose has one or two of these a week: the charred sweet bun, coupled with a smoky chorizo and a soft cheese over a perfectly cooked egg. 

I had hoped the rain would be gone for good, but as soon as we arrived to UVic for the afternoon station, the rain clouds opened up. Thankfully there were several tents set up, so we were not drenched for the ride home. Campus Security offers bike engraving and other tips to keep bicycles from being stolen. I'll have to go back when I don't have the kids with me.   

Today's travels: 42.8 km (personal record since May 5)
Week's total to date: 116.5 km

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