Sunday, 16 June 2013

BTWW: Day 7

In a last effort to reach 200km biked for the week, I set out to Langford. I missed a left turn somewhere and was late to my friend's running race. I found the finish line, stood up on the longtail and waved a sign "You look awesome". I cheered as loud as I could, and she finished the race strongly.

I picked up the kids at a birthday party they were attending and headed home. JahJ convinced me to stop by a second park, "just to finish his popcorn"; translation: we spent the afternoon at the park. Lazy, sunny Sundays are convenient.

Today's travels: 30.6 km
Week's total: 185.6 km

I missed my target by a trip to the forest! I went through my week's travels and know I could have easily surpassed 200 biked kilometers, but the road gods had other plans for me. On the positive side of things, I biked every day of the week, something I hadn't done since the first week the bike came home with us. I look forward to next year's event and will be sure to get on a larger team of commuters.

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