Wednesday, 12 June 2013

BTWW: Days 5 & 6

Finally! I convinced a friend to bike with me to a station! As we rolled down the Switch Bridge we could smell the BBQ, hear the music and laughter and see some acquaintances. We parked our bikes and the kids started dancing. I filled out one last ballot for a draw prize, said hi to the volunteers I recognized and enjoyed the warm weather.

Today's travels: 19.1 km

Week's total to date: 135.6 km

Day 6

There were no stations to ride to today, so we headed out to the Oak Bay Tea Party. This was the first time I went to Willows without getting lost! I took Fort St, which has a steady incline from Wharf to Foul Bay, but it was manageable.

There were many rides, games and vendors. I had anticipated spending $20, but we hadn't bought wrist bands for the kids and the rides cost 3-4 tickets each. Note so self: next year, buy wrist bands, prep kids, bring at least another set of hands and eyes. 

Oak Bay bikes provided a lot of bike parking. I don't think they anticipated having so many shapes of bikes: kids' decorated bikes, many trail-a-bikes, two Xtracycles and a Bakfiets were there by the end of the parade. Should we add to the chaos by participating in the parade next year? I think so: Cargo Bikes unite!

On our leisure ride home, JahJ spotted a "party". There were lots of tents set up and I thought I could buy popcorn, lemonade and other party fare. It was the Gorge Super Sprints. The paddlers were kind and let us weave through their docks as JahJ pointed out different things about their uniforms. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people present in such tight corners with the sun beaming in the cloudless sky. We got out of there alive, but thirsty and hungry.

I didn't have enough energy to stop by the Montessori school's Fun Fair, so we went home to soup, buns and a tasty cider for me. 

Today's travels: 19.4 km
Week's total to date: 155 km

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