Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Challenges of the Compost

Fruit flies: be gone! You are not welcome here. I do not wish for you to lay eggs on my counters; I will not allow you to fly with your cousins around my pantry; you best not flap your wings near my eyeballs! You are not welcome here!

We have a compost. As any good compost does, it receives all our kitchen scraps: peels, pits, left overs left out too long, bones, egg shells... Nothing unusual. My problem is that as the outside temperature rises, the number of fruit flies around the compost does too. Last year I cleaned out the fridge and did major cleaning of the kitchen monthly. But the fruit flies kept multiplying. This year seems to be starting off the same. What should I do? How can I evict the flies permanently, while still minimizing my daily trash? What do I do with produce that likes to hang out in the pantry or on the counter (eg: avocado, tomato, onion, potato, mango)? 

Please advise. 

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