Monday, 17 June 2013

Esquimalt Buccaneer Days

We dressed up as pirates with bandannas and eye patches and all.

 We had a mini photo-shoot before heading out to the Buccaneer Days parade.

fierce and tired

finishing touches

bike pirates
Instead of saying, "good morning," the kids somehow knew to greet everyone with a piratey "Arrrrr!" They stayed true to character all day, as we enjoyed the pirate ship floats, the blue Edgerunner, and Mr. 4-person tandem bike.

Buccaneer Days was busy this year. There were many people jostling for few parking spaces and views of the parade. I couldn't help but notice that traveling by bicycle these past few weeks has really slowed us down. It's not that we were in a hurry before, but we are now taking the time to enjoy the journeys as well as the destinations. I've heard this trite expression before and thought it was gibberish. But, now that I have been experiencing it, I understand what it means. I have tried to apply the enjoyment of the journey to my driving as well. I now leave twenty minutes earlier than I need to and not just because I have little children. I want to take the time to stop at the yellow lights instead of speeding through. I want to have the time to stop by the side of the road if something interesting catches the kid's eye. I want to remove the eye patches and see things in their entirety. I don't want to miss anything - Not. One. Thing.

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