Monday, 24 June 2013

Kidical Mass Victoria

Just as I had been bragging about my ability to slow down and smell the roses, I experience a crazy day of running around.

I had been anticipating the season's first KidicalMass ride for six weeks...six weeks of counting down to the day where all the cargo bikes would come to Fernwood Square in celebration of family biking...six weeks of hoping for overcast weather for a picture perfect ride. I envisioned balance bikes for the toddlers; parents crouched over the new graduates of training wheels; children proudly pedaling their decorated bikes; bakfiests, Xtracycles, Yubas - maybe even a Bullit would show up.

We woke up early on the day of the parade. I was excited to have two breakfasts: eggs and oatmeal at home, then pancakes at FernFest with the community. I checked the time - 9:26am - ack! I had planned to leave at 9 I quickly got the kids dressed and hauled the day's luggage onto the bike. JahJ was a bit confused about why he couldn't ride to the parade on his balance bike himself. After I convinced him that I could pedal faster than he could run-bike, I buckled Nae-J in and we were off.

photo courtesy of A Cyclist's Life

We arrived at the meetup location in time. We hurried to stand in line for pancakes, but I hadn't left enough time to enjoy the second breakfast before the parade started. Being rushed is never good for us - never. JahJ did not want to ride his bike. As I struggled to get the last bite of pancake swallowed, I jammed his run bike back into my saddle bag. My heart was racing as I navigated through the crowd of FernFesters. Everyone was happily sauntering in my way. Ugh! We made it to the street and saw our equally bewildered friends, Ryan and Kate. Rats! We missed it. I knew the KidicalMass parade was going to be a short one, but there was no sign of where they had headed. They were punctual; we were not.

photo courtesy of A Cyclist's Life
I set off - homeward bound. JahJ was shrieking that his balloon had floated off. Nae-J was indifferent. I was so disappointed.

We heard some marimbas on the way out of town. It helped lift our spirits a bit.We biked over the blue bridge and into Vic West to celebrate la St-Jean with other francophones of the city. We were one of the first sixty people to arrive and enjoyed a $5 coupon for lunch. Poutine - a steamy concoction of cheese curds, fries, and gravy was on the menu - just like we would have eaten in Montreal. There was a treasure hunt, face painting, lawn bowling, bubble-catching, music, and dancing. And, there were Mr. Freeze popsicles. Jose and I grew up buying those for a quarter at the depanneur - but today they were free!

A boy asked JahJ if he spoke French;

JahJ: Frrrench!??
boy: Yes! I speak French! Do you?
JahJ: Yes, I do!
boy: Me too! See? Un, deux, trois: c'est parti!

And they chased each other up the mountain.

I guess not all running around is bad.

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