Saturday, 13 July 2013

Community Supported Fishery

This summer, we chose to join a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) instead of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The similarities between both are that the client pays the fisher/farmer before the season for a share of the product, there is a friendliness that is felt between community members, and the client gets to know their fisher/farmer and supports them financially in exchange for their product. I like the idea of a CSF for a few reasons. It brings my family closer to the action - the grocer and the many middlemen are cut out of the business equation. We get to know where our fish come from, We know that there are fewer treatments done to our product as it doesn't have to travel as many miles from its point of origin.

Our first trip to see the Michelle Rose fishing boat was on an overcast afternoon to pick up our share of prawns for the season. I didn't know what to expect, so I brought our largest camping cooler. We received seven one-pound bags of frozen-at-sea prawns.

Nae-J wanted to open them up right away. She couldn't wrap her head around the fact that they were still frozen and that we had an hour's driving to do before we got home. When we finally did get home, there was no way we were eating anything else but these prawns; she clung to my legs as I was preparing them. She didn't touch any of the other foods on her plate and had a double portion of prawns. I suspect these will not last the month!

My homemaking journey has taken me to places I didn't think I would go. As Jose and I strive to offer our kids a kick-ass childhood, we, ourselves, are also learning from the life experiences. We are seeing the creatures of the sea, smelling the ocean air, and taking in the mountain views. As we interact with our farmers and fishermen, our palate and food knowledge and vocabulary expand. I am thankful for the patience of these skilled people as I ask my city/naive/awkward questions. ("Where is your rain barrel? How do you irrigate? What does mono culture actually mean?")

captivated by the jellyfish

Jose has taken a majority of the pictures featured on Growing Up Bike. He is a little camera shy, but I managed to pry the Canon EOS 60D out of his hands to snap a few pictures. Though the majority of the shots I took were out of focus or violated the rule of thirds, I managed to capture a father lovingly smiling at his son - who in turn was posing for his mother. There may have been some tickling or goofy faces involved - I can't give away all my tricks!

The Michelle Rose is smaller than the Titanic I was expecting! I am impressed that she can both fish and freeze the catch. She was gently docked and I think she treats the crew kindly. We didn't get a tour, but when we go pick up our salmon, I will be sure to ask for one.

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