Monday, 8 July 2013

Family Cycling Adventures

From my point of view:

Jose looked forward to the adventure I had planned for us. He had been preparing the kids all week, letting them know that he was going to ride a bicycle. For the first time in nearly two decades, he laced up some comfortable shoes and buckled on a blue helmet. He biked around the block to make sure he wouldn't wobble too much.

"Daddy, WAIT," JahJ shouted. He didn't want to miss out on the adventure his father was setting out for.

"Don't worry, little one; we're all riding together, the four of us"

And we did.

We set out for a sunny afternoon ride to Adrienne's Tea Garden - 13 kilometres away on the Galloping Goose and Lochside trails. Jose proudly joined the chorus under the overpasses, "Echo! Echooooo! DONE!"

From Jose's point of view:

When my good friend and climbing partner, John and I were climbing Mount Baker a couple of weeks ago, we had a serious discussion about how we could facilitate more physical activities with our respective wives (outside of the bedroom). I concluded that Eunice's and kids' more-or-less recent passion for cycling was something I was willing to try to be involved in.

I was apprehensive. I hadn't biked in 18 years. I sweat very easily during physical activity and the idea of sweating my way through family-fun-time did not sound ideal.

Since my Baker trip effectively gave Eunice the entire weekend with the kids alone, I wanted to do something a little special and so, reluctantly, agreed to go for a bike ride - just one ride. I saw a thrill in her eye when I mentioned it and she somehow already had an arrangement to borrow a bike from a friend. (Either I have been "played" by my lovely wife, or as we stay married longer, we subconsciously vibrate at a more identical frequency. I'm going to hope for the latter, but my money is on the former.)

We walked to the bike pickup location and I hopped on this strange machine. "You never forget how to ride a bike," they say, but I found out that one's balance skills can get a little rusty. I cautiously went for a test drive and felt ok enough to proceed out to the road course.

I won't lie; It was pretty awesome. My two main worries were mitigated pretty quickly. 1) Cycling comes with a built in air conditioning. The faster you go, the more the air cools you. I didn't sweat nearly as much as I thought I would. 2) I didn't topple over after running out of gas on any hills. It turns out that mountain climbing on foot is good training for hill climbing on wheels. Go figure! I made Eunice look bad. (Let's pretend she wasn't carrying 50-60lbs more of cargo/offspring than I was...)

Yeah, it was pretty great - even with my sore bike-virgin "saddle" after the first ride. We went for a few rides that weekend - ice cream shop, pizza joint, Adrienne's Tea Garden, just around. But, the hi-light for me must have been zipping down to see the Canada Day fireworks at dusk and zooming past the bumper-to-bumper cars on the way back home. It was exhilarating as one of those rare, perfect outings with the kids that you hope all outings with the kids will be.

In short, I like biking. More specifically, I like biking with my family. The proof of this last statement is that we just got back from Recyclistas and I am the proud, new owner of my very own bicycle.

Many more family rides to come!


  1. Aw, this is heart warming! And what a lovely new bike. Congratulations to you all!

    1. Thanks! We have enjoyed several after dinner rides mostly due to daylight savings time!