Monday, 19 August 2013

Bicycle Camping - Packing List

My friend Ashley, her two kids, my kids and me are all going camping by bike this month. We are both new cyclists and we both want to complete this challenge. We are going to be minimal since one night of camping shouldn't require too much stuff. Here's my packing list:
  1. Tent for three. Ashley thinks we can all six fit in it! I don't think she know how active my sleepers are...
  2. Three sleeping bags and three sleeping pads. Nae-J hates sleeping under blankets, so I will likely use her sleeping bag as a sleeping pad cover.
  3. Flashlights for shadow wars!
  4. Clothes. For night time, we should wear a base layer and a fleece layer. For travelling, we will wear the same clothes two days in a row. Sandals for footwear.
  5. Camping stove and one propane tank. It is big and bulky, but I don't think I can not have it. There is a fire ban on the island because we've had so little rain in the past seven weeks. 
  6. Food/Drink. We intend to leave after eating breakfast at home on a Friday. We'll stop for lunch, and groceries. We will have hot dogs, sausages and raw veggies for supper. I think we can skip the s'mores (fire ban and all). For breakfast, I love pancakes on the weekends. But we need to catch the ferry at 8.30 for the Saturday's adventure on Saturna Island. We will likely eat on the ferry. Peanut butter and home made jam will be our snack/lunch. We'll pack some apples and other easy fruit in containers. 
  7. Plates and utensils. I always forget these! Hopefully, this list will be my reminder!
  8. Boring essentials: toolkit for bikes, first aid kits, toiletries, money, iPhone
  9. Small entertainment: bubbles, chalk, spray bottles, kites, balloons
I am nervous about bringing too much of the wrong stuff. I want to be sure to have what we will use and not much more. What can I trim down? What did I forget?

 Our route is fairly simple, we are travelling on the Lochside Trail. We are stopping for ice cream at Adrienne's Tea Garden, then at Sidney's water park. We will stop many other times, I'm sure, but those two are a must.

I can't wait to bike so much in such a short period of time! I look forward to the pain, and also to the warm bubble bath after we unpack. I will be sad to wash away the camping smell from our clothes. 

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