Thursday, 29 August 2013

Thankful Thursday - the fourth

Today I am thankful for:

Increased bicycling confidence. I have been slowly increasing my biking radius and finding quieter streets to cycle on. My speed has not increased, but my time management is getting better: I am almost on time, some days! As the season is about to change, I am looking forward to the added benefits of biking in cooler weather.

Container gardening. We were given six adolescent tomato plants to nurture into fruition. As we don't have a yard, we planted them in 5-gallon self-watering containers and placed them in our parking lot spot. I still have to beautify the area for picture taking, but we love stopping by every day to see their growth. JahJ is keeping track of how many tomatoes are growing and smells each one daily. These plants do not lack attention.

Take out food. As much as I enjoy creating and cooking meals at home, every now and again I appreciate some food that comes to my door ready to eat. This is especially true on our first bike camping trip during a fire  ban. We chose take out over bringing our own two-burner stove, propane and food to cook. It was so convenient to devour our food after a long bike ride - and the clean up was quick and easy!

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