Thursday, 15 August 2013

Thankful Thursday - the second

Today I am thankful for:

The library. I get to place books on hold and pick them up all at once at the same location. I get to renew loans online for up to two nine weeks, provided there are no holds on my loans. I get to borrow books before I commit to owning them. I enjoy reading parts of books, enough to satiate my curiosity. And the smell of the library: it brings back fond memories.

My health: Jose had hand surgery yesterday and I am amazed at the toll it's taking on us. I know he has it the worst, but the kids really miss him. They are acting like he is gone forever and I am tired, tirelessly looking for rest.

Where I live: I am at the center of the universe! We live in one municipality with two others are less than a kilometer away. We have access to the mixed-use trail that is an artery to most of where we commute. There are two community gardens nearby and an orchard being built. Our neighbours are kind, generous and patient. We don't have to mow the lawn ourselves. There are many other benefits that overshadow the obnoxious seagulls - well, mostly they do!

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