Thursday, 22 August 2013

Thankful Thursday - the third

Sorry folks, this is gonna be quick! I am leaving for camping in a few hours and I have to tetris pack everything soon. I may cheat the system to come back and edit this post, but for now, this is it! Thanks for reading :)


Today I am thankful for:

The practice run for camping that we did. We packed half of what we were going to bring camping (I thought it was everything!) and went for a ride to Hamsterly Beach stopping at Adrienne's Tea Garden for ice cream. I opened my tent out of its new box to set it up. I learned a few things - I'm glad it wasn't the hard way!

My Twitterverse which has reminded me to bring a pillow, a second tent, a phone charger and to stop to see the pigs on our camping adventure. You guys rock my socks!

My kid not having hair on her chiny-chin-chin. Or else it would have got caught up in her helmet buckle. Truth.

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