Monday, 16 September 2013

Last Day of Summer

Today, Nae-J fell asleep on the way home from Beckwith Park and JahJ asked to ride on his own for the last five kilometers. I was kind of bummed that we were traveling at 5km/hr because I wanted to get home to eat. I asked him to pick up his pace and he would... for about a minute. He would stop abruptly to blow a perfect wish flower that caught his eye. But my little bicycle commuter is improving. He is holding his own when others pass, he yields to traffic, and knows his way home from several parks.

It has become obvious that the school year has started. For us, it means that the playgrounds' kid-to-adult ratio returns to normal. It also means that the water play parks have reduced hours of operation. As such, we decided to pack a lunch, swim suits, bubbles and chalk to head out to Beckwith Park. It had been awhile since JahJ had ridden his bike, so I tied it on to my FreeLoaders bags and we set out. 

We played both in the water and in the sun. I ran through the park, trying to dodge the sprinklers. JahJ, the bravest of the bunch, got drenched time and time again. He tried to coax Nae-J into the water streams, but she was not hot enough to spend most of her time in the water. The bubbles blew away and the chalk became the latest greatest attraction. 

After I had traced the kids' outlines, he gave it a shot. Carefully he traced around my long arms and legs. Nae-J took pictures of the drawing taking place. It was nice to just lay down without worrying about them wandering away.

We drew smiling faces for the first round of outlines, but the favorites were the teary-eyed versions.

They are devastated that the days of summer fun are coming to an end. I like to believe that we will be outside just as much in the autumn (when the sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds), but something tells me that unless I have a solid game plan, spending time outside will be limited.

The school year has started. The season's a changing. For us this means that with every dying dandelion, we'll keep wishing away the last day of summer.

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