Friday, 15 November 2013

Coffeneuring Challenge Summary


I had the best intentions to complete my first Coffeeneuring Challenge, to find Victoria's best hot chocolate and gain world wide web fame while doing it. However, five weekends have passed me by without actually going on a leisure ride to a coffee shop! I have come to realize a few things.

Coffeneuring is a social event. As in real life social, not blog/tweet/facebook about what an awesome time you had. It's about connecting with friends, taking a moment to spend time with them. It's a chance to sit down and unwind, to talk about fine details of each other's lives. My excuses for not calling up my friends are not very good. But there is one reason worth mentioning.

I'm taking time out to spend with my family as a whole. During the week, the kids and I live it up by going to different parks, forests and playgrounds around town. We find time to run errands together too, though there are places that are too restrictive for us (the quiet libraries, the grocery stores with so many aisles, Grand-mere's house with the million glass trinkets...). When the weekend rolls around, I want to continue adventuring our way, despite having a fourth person with us. Jose brought this to my attention and we now accept his input in how we spend our free time together.

We are planning on hiking the Juan de Fuca Trail next fall - the four of us! We are committed to training up to this 49-kilometer woodsy adventure by doing a family walk every week, increasing both the distance covered and the weight carried. Our hope is that JahJ will be able to hike most of it, and the parents will be strong enough to carry all the food and gear needed for the 7- to 10-day trip as well as Nae-J. She can walk a good distance while carrying her backpack, but she is slow as molasses. I wouldn't be surprised if her pace were increased for the hike, but I'm not going to hold my breath that she can complete it. My kids are phenomenal, but come on - a three year old doing the trail!? I'll be impressed if I can do it without being sore the whole trip.

I will admit that all weekends are not solely dedicated to training. And I should be able to set some time aside for a little bicycle ride with Janine and hot chocolate to wrap it up. Maybe my first successful coffeeneuring challenge will take a year to complete instead of a month. And that's okay in my books!

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  1. I'm not yet sure if I've completed the challenge, either! I need to go back and add things up. It was harder than I expected, too, and I'm not sure why. It must be the social aspect, like you say--I arranged a couple group events right at the beginning, but it was hard to keep that going.