Saturday, 30 November 2013

Starting our Worm Composting Bin

We have been wanting to have a worm-composting bin for quite some time. After a bit of research into how to do it without stench and fruit flies, I was ready to get down to business. We have compost pick up twice a month for our apartment building, but I wonder where it is composted. There have been a lot of politics/drama around how to manage waste and compost in our city and I wanted to simplify. This is a step in self-sufficiency, too. We are making our own compost to feed and fertilize our own home-grown food naturally.  I found a bin purposely made for the task on UsedVic and red wriggler worms offered by a neighbour. The kids and I set out to find bedding for our working pets. 

Highrock Park is a mile away from our place. It is a park filled with Gary Oak trees, whose dried leaves were perfect for the bin's bedding base. We were also able to get some evergreens to use for Christmas decorating. JahJ was enthusiastic about preparing the bedding for the worms. He couldn't wait to go get the worms and bring them to their new home. We had to dig through my neighbour's outside compost to find the red wriggler worms. We noticed how wiggly these wrigglers are - as soon as they are touched they curl up and try to dig themselves deeper into their bedding. 

The reliable internet resources tell me that worms eat anywhere from one pound of scraps per week to half of their body weight daily. Sure! We are going to start feeding our worms very slowly, because I have no interest in having fruit flies during the winter. The kids will give them egg shells each morning, and I will dice up our left-over fruit and veggie scraps at the end of the week to ensure they get enough food. The worms are great reproducers, but if we need more, I know where to get some. We expect the first castings harvesting in four to six months: right around the time when I will be transplanting my seedlings outside.

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