Thursday, 2 January 2014

Goals for 2014

I wish you a healthy and happy new year! I hope you've made attainable resolutions and a plan of action that will help you reach your goals.

I'm not one to turn over a new leaf on a particular schedule. However, the idea of being a car-free family has been bouncing in my head for some time now. Both Jose and I have a few apprehensions about selling our car, but we are curious to know our car usage and the payments to upkeep it. We are going to make a concerted effort to use our car less in 2014 than in previous years. We have to renew our insurance in April, and hope to get a reduced rate for our reduced usage. Wouldn't it be great to buy pay-per-use insurance?

I guess that's a benefit of buying into a car-share. One problem we have with Victoria's car-share, though, is that there is only one car-share with about half a dozen cars. Another inconvenience is there is no secure bike parking at the vehicles' pick up locations. We live in a friendly neighbourhood and have been tempted to do an informal car share with two other families. But that has its own drawbacks too: schedule conflicts, insurance and upkeep costs, child car seats - to name a few. Maybe we will start a business this year! Maybe not... it sounds too complicated!

I received two emails in the last week which have reminded me of my long-distance fitness goal. One was from Mountain Equipment Co-op announcing their second annual Century Ride. To help me reach this goal, they are hosting a road riding clinic too! I will show up with my trusty Xtracycle, since they advertise the training session is geared to many levels of road rider. Look for me at the head of the class, because that's how I roll!

The other email was from and included a coupon code for free shipping and this and that. Drum roll please. I would like to walk a marathon distance in October. I'm sure you're wondering why on earth I'd like to do this. Let me give you three awesome reasons why you should want to do this with me:

  • The course is internationally acclaimed as one of the most beautiful in the world. 
  • You may be one of the few cool people in your peer group to finish a marathon. 
  • The company will be delightful.
The J-walkers posing

I've read that if you write down your goals and tell people, they are more likely to come to fruition. I encourage you to tell your friends and mine who read this blog about what you hope to accomplish in the next 363 days. Come on - it'll be fun. The comment box is below - you have no excuse!

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