Friday, 7 February 2014

2014 Goals - February Update

 My three published goals for this year are:
  1. Drive less
  2. Complete my first (metric) century ride
  3. Complete my first marathon
I've discovered the fun in walking with the kids. I am training them to walk faster and longer in hopes that they can be multi-modal, even as children. We are also planning on hiking the Juan de Fuca trail in the late summer and if JahJ could hike some of it with a backpack, it would be more enjoyable for us all. Yesterday, we dashed out to pick up apple crisp from a bakery that was closing in half an hour. I can usually make it there in ten minutes, but, as many parents know, small people take small and slow steps. We made it in time, bought our goodies and headed back. One block away from home, I noticed a bicycle with a shopping cart attached to its rear, full of 5-gallon buckets. I recognized the logo as Pedal to Petal's. They are a zero-emission company that cycle to pick up food scraps to compost it. The guy gave me his card so I could contact him about being at the Esquimalt Bike Fest. We see more when we travel at a slower pace!

I noticed there was a change in the description for Mountain Equipment Co-op's "Intro to Road Riding". Specifically, this little post-script which suggests that my long-tail hybrid bike and leisure riding pace may not fit in as well as I'd hoped:
 * This clinic is geared towards riders with some road experience.  Please ensure you have a road bike, and are capable of riding a minimum of 40km at the start of this clinic.  It is also advised that you be able to maintain a pace of 25km/h or more over the course of an hour.
It's understandable that they have clarified their target audience,  but I am disappointed. I sent the organizer an email in hopes that there were other slow riders interested in the clinic. Though the reply was respectful and diplomatic, it boiled down to my hopes of completing the clinic (and century ride) dashed. The cycling clubs in Victoria tend to attract athletic, competitive cycling and M.E.C. seems to want to keep up with them. As much as I would like to buy a road bike and all the fun accessories that accompany them, we don't have room in our condo or budget for that right now.

I did find another century ride, which I think Jose and I could complete. It starts closer to home (this is important since we don't have a way to get my bike into our car), and is put on by the Randonneurs. One challenge is that it's in eight weeks and the furthest we've ridden together is 40 kilometers on the flat Lochside Trail. We may settle for the half-metric century!

We bought a double jogging stroller to train for our marathon. I've roped Jose in to training with me, and my secret plan is that he will also walk the course with me in October. He found a training plan online that is only 18 weeks long. We could essentially do it twice before race day! However, we have not been in optimal health, so we will have to modify our game plan. We went on our first long walk last week. We were able to walk with minimal limping the next day - that's a win in my books! By the end of the month, we should be up to 20 kilometers for our long walks. Our walking radius will be as wide as my winter biking radius!

How are your resolutions holding up? Have you modified them now that we are five weeks into the new year?


  1. I actually did revamp my 2014 goals not that long ago. I am recovering from plantar fascia so I had to change some things around. I still have goals but just varied the times.

  2. I think that revisions help keep maintain goals. At the end of the day, it's the "spirit" of the goal that is more important. Here's to a healthy recovery and a great week ahead!