Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bike.Love.Ride: After the Storm

The weather forecast has been frightening lately. The night before our Bike.Love.Ride, we had wind gusts nearing 100km/h, there were periods of heavy rain, the full moon was hidden behind dark storm clouds and some neighbourhoods in the Greater Victoria region lost electricity. The forecast called for this to continue all week.

When we woke up on Sunday, it was gray and the ground seemed to be drying up. Having lived here for many moons, I know that the rain can come out of nowhere and that sunshine doesn't always bring warmth. I suspected that new family bikers would not come to the ride, that only year-round, seasoned cyclists would show up - covered head to toe in Gore-Tex, no doubt! I would welcome their attendance as cycling in the rain with new friends creates new adventures.

We met seven other pedallers at Centennial Square. We gave them reflective heart stickers, lollipops and save the date cards. We chatted a bit about the route we would take, then set off on to the streets, ringing our bells, cheering and waving to passerbys. Jose noticed how the route I had chosen was "downhilly", that's how I like to roll! The wind was light, the sun kept peaking through the dry clouds, the kids were surprisingly quiet. I could hear the others talking of bike adventures ahead, cycling infrastructure dreams, and of course, the crazy weather.

We ended the ride at a coffee shop, keeping the conversations going over hot bevies and treats. I have discovered true coffeneuring - a plesant ride to a coffee shop with friends. I think that those who came had as great of a time as I did. I look forward to the weather forecast improving and the family cycling culture growing.

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