Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spring Kidical Mass Ride

After a week of crossed fingers for good weather, we woke up to a chilly overcast Saturday morning. I dressed the kids as though we biking to the Arctic, packed some light snacks and headed out to the meeting place.We were greeted by warm smiles from the other riders, and while Jose and I chatted with our friends, the children used the sidewalk chalk to make a treasure map.

JahJ brings new meaning to the term "ghost rider"
We picked up a family of brave souls on our way to the Galloping Goose, growing our numbers to nine pedallers and 5 child passengers - two box bikes, two longtails, two kid bikes and three regular adult bikes. The two six year olds raced each other to see who could ride fastest, and slowest.

As the kids set the pace on the multi-use trail, I was able to snap a few pictures while riding. Only one picture had people in it, so I can assure you that there is much room for improvement in the iPhone-selfie department!

The clouds held on to their rain until later that day, so the happy crew was able to have a mid-ride snack without getting drenched. We hope to see even more families on bikes as the weather continues to improve. See you out there!

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