Saturday, 1 March 2014

Tourist in Your Hometown - Victoria 2014

Every year, Attractions Victoria puts on Be a Tourist in your Hometown for its residents. The event is a passport that unlocks savings to tourist attractions for four days. I wanted to do as many attractions as possible, but knew the limits of my patience with large crowds, and with navigating my kids around them. We were able to visit Fort Rodd Hill, the Legislative Buildings, the Butterfly Gardens and take a double-decker tour bus around the city.

They are fake napping in the elevator of the Legislature
A good tourists takes lots of selfies

We parked our bike downtown and hopped on the fancy bus to go to the Butterfly Gardens. Not only was it a double-decker, it had reclining seats and foot rests. I felt on top of the world! The kids were so happy to sit beside their besties, while I got a chance to catch up with AshleytheIslander. I was able to convince her to come photograph the first KidicalMass ride of 2014 and she will likely keep me in line for 30 days of biking.

 It was my first visit to the Butterfly Gardens and I really liked it. We've been learning about butterflies on a WildKratts T.V. episode and Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Catterpillar book but this topped the passive learning. I was surprised that Nae-J didn't want to walk in the tropical land, preferring the safety of my shoulders. I guess she didn't realize that she was closer to the butterflies and birds up there.

It was also my first visit to Fort Rodd Hill. I appreciated that it is a self-guided tour of an outdoor museum. We saw the upper and lower batteries where the soldiers defended the coast; explored the bunkers where they ate, slept and kept watch. The kids climbed stairs, walls and grass banks, then ran to the lighthouse. There, we went up and down the stairs repeatedly, virtually navigated a ship and read about the functions of the different lights. The view is beautiful out there, I hope we can visit again soon.


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