Friday, 7 March 2014

Virtual Challenges with Real Life Consequences

It's amazing what the internet can have us do. With a few clicks here and there, you can find a wealth of information - a video on how to make something, a recipe that avoids common allergens, a community of motivated individuals. A few weeks ago, I "met" Kyla, a person who spends a lot of time outside running and hiking. I browsed through her blog and was intrigued by a relay she is hosting. She invites runners from around the world to log as many running kilometers as they see fit. She hopes this accountability will not only motivate runners to stay on track for their personal goals, but that the running/blogging community will be strengthened.

 I signed up to walk 200 kilometers in two months. I didn't think it would be hard to meet this goal, and it would help with my marathon training. Soon after, I came across 30 days of biking. It is a pledge you take to ride your bicycle every day in the month of April. No problem! This April, I will celebrate my first anniversary of biking - no better way to do that than to consciously bike daily. Thankfully, there isn't a distance commitment for this pledge! I am thankful because I will likely be walking 10 kilometers every second day to make up for slacking in March...

A third virtual challenge popped up on my Twitter feed earlier this week: The Errandonnée. Continuing with the play on the word "randonnée", an errandonnée is a twelve day blitz of completing errands by bike. At first glance, this seemed like I would have this one in the bag! However, one of the rules states:
11. If the Errandonnee stresses you out or offends you or makes you feel bad or sad or competitive, you should stop. This is supposed to be fun and if you are not having fun then please do not continue because feeling stressed out or offended or bad or sad or competitive due to the Errandonnee is not what this is all about (that’s what family is for, KIDDING!) and it’s no way to live.                                        *Emphasis mine. 
Since I'm not allowed to feel stressed or competitive, I have opted not to do this challenge. I will likely post some pictures with the hashtag #errandonnee, but that's just me having fun! I promise to not obsess about the control card, the categories or the other rules. I will continue to live my normal bike life without over-documenting and competing in this game of life. Besides, I know I've got my sister's beat!

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  1. I got a little worried about the not being allowed to get stressed out over Errandonnee, too. But I'm going to try it nonetheless.

    And hooray for 30 Days of Biking! It turned me into an everyday biker three years ago.

    1. As I read through the control card, I kept worrying that I don't run those errands anyway, and also saving my week's worth of errands for today, the start of Errandonnée (which would have been a disaster). So I had to drop it. And I am known to over-complicate and sweat the simple stuff :P

  2. I tried this challenge last year. I did OK, but we had record snows and I couldn't ride every single day. I'm trying it again this year. Any chance you're on Instagram? I chronicle my adventures there now. it was very inspirational to see all the biking posts last year!

    1. Record snow, eh!? That's not how I roll! I wanted to be pledge 2014, but spent the day outside today and missed it. I will aim for 3131 next. No instagram for me, yet. I know it's the fastest-growing social media, but I'm not keeping up. Did Bear take the pledge this year?