Wednesday, 2 April 2014

30 Days Of Biking 2014 - Day 2

For the first time (not in the car), we saw the bridge go up to let a boat through and then back down. It was a quick procedure, which made JahJ think that they were just practicing, to ensure that they could in fact lift the bridge. 

On the way home, we saw a million Xtracycle bikes! Not that many, but more than usual. One had a Hooptie but no passengers, another was an EdgeRunner with an orange Yepp Maxi on the back. Nae-J wanted to sit on the orange Yepp, because she thinks all orange seats are hers. I am tempted to spray paint our blue one to make her happy, but I don't think that's my best idea. And besides, we're all smiles anyway!

Kilometers cycled today: 12.8
Kilometers cycled this month: 23.6

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