Friday, 18 April 2014

30 Days of Biking 2014 - Week 2

My shortest ride this week was 0.6 kilometers at the end of the day. I went around our condo building and to our garden to infuse our plot with peat moss. I don't have any gardening tools and consequently I found it very difficult to evenly spread out the peat moss. I was also tired and grumpy, but appreciated the clear night and time to get this chore done. The plot is almost ready to receive the seeds we will plant. I want to top it off with the compost the worms made, and I will probably use the rest of my vermiculite to make it properly aerated.

Bike to Work Week 2014 had its launch at Market Square. We danced to live music, used sidewalk chalk to trace each other and crossed our fingers to win prizes. We've registered our team as Growing Up Bike, be sure to look for us on the podium! (NB: There is no literal podium...) I want to crush last year's goal of 200 km biked in a week, and have more than one person on my team. If you don't have a team, please apply to be on ours! We'd love to have you :)

Our public library has a seed library! I'm going to have to sign up, since I need a new kind of carrot to plant. It's more than seed exchange too: I can learn more about food security, I can share recipes, I can grow my own seeds to exchange, I can learn about gardening in a hands-on way... I am thrilled at the intersection of books and seeds that the library and LifeCycles have facilitated.

I was supposed to bike to the farm in Central Saanich on Saturday for my weekly produce, but it was such a beautiful day that I didn't want to spend 3+ hours commuting. Instead, the kids and I went to the Victoria Public Market for their Spring Fling. We arrived half an hour early, so we had a chance to walk through the market to see what it had to offer: fudge, beautiful maple cutting boards, sausages, hand-made pies, farm stands offering produce and seed starts, live music, delicious chocolate, to name a few. I ran into some friends that I hadn't seen in so long. Thanks to the bouncy castle, I was able to catch up with them, somewhat uninterrupted, while our kids hopped their hearts out. The magician was very friendly and engaging. Both the kids and I believe in magic now! He made one foam ball turn into two, and JahJ made the two turn into four!! I'm not going to Google this magic trick, since I know that a true Magician never tells his secrets. 

Biked this week: 63.9 km
Total this month: 124.2 km

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