Friday, 25 April 2014

30 Days of Biking 2014 - Week 3

I love how some kids wear their heart on their sleeve. You know JahJ was very excited to be on this ride!It must have been the first ride on my bike after getting the Trail-Gator on Jose's bike.

On one of my solo rides, I rode on the E&N trail in Esquimalt. While parts of the trail are smooth and tell you where to ride without getting caught in the railway tracks, other parts of the trail do not exist, forcing me on to the road, or the side of the train track.

I rode for 0.6km with three kids on my bike! It was a hilly ride, but since I started going down, I was able to pedal up the hill at the end. My heart was racing because I knew that pushing 125 pounds of children for even a second would be torturous. We dropped our friend off and picked up JahJ's new 16" wheel bike. He is adjusting to not being able to reach the ground, and gets super frustrated that he can't make it up some hills, but in time, we are confident he will rock it.

Do you think his handlebars are low?

Biked last week: 63.9 km 
Biked this week: 112.5 km 
Biked this month: 236.7

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