Wednesday, 30 April 2014

30 Days of Biking 2014 - Week 4

I did  it! I finished the 30 days of biking by biking every day in the month of April. Looking back, I remember only two days where I wanted to bend the rules by biking twice in one day as a substitute for a late night ride. I didn't learn any life lesson by completing the challenge, but it was empowering none the less. I liked taking pictures and blogging about the challenge, even if some posts were pictures with one sentence.

New bike - no room for passengers!
On Thursday, they woke up ready to ride. They didn't need to fuel up, or even get out of pjs, they just had to ride. Thankfully, it was a work day and most of our neighbours weren't around to see my mismatched outfit and grumpy face. But as the sun and temperature kept rising, and as the kids kept squealing in the greatest of happiness, I too began to enjoy the early wake up.

I saw my first Bullitt in real life. I quickly snapped a couple of (fuzzy) pictures before people began asking questions. Now, I will stalk this bike like I stalked the 4-person tandem. I should let you all know that I spotted Mr. 4-person tandem going up Lampson St on a sideways-raining day with two pedallers assisting the climb. They are quite a team! Over the weekend, I met the two kids that ride the quandem around town. Together with their mom, they helped handing out flyers from the table for Esquimalt Bike Fest. I didn't get the ins and outs of their bike riding, since we were busy, but I look forward to chatting them up at the Bike Fest. 

So that's all! I'm going to continue biking every day until I don't. I hope to see you out there :)

Biked last week: 112.5 km
Biked this week: 98.7 km
Day 29 - 8.6 km
Day 30 - 18.2 km
Total km biked this month: 474.7 

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