Tuesday, 20 May 2014

UPDATED: Esquimalt Bike Fest 2014

We are moving the event indoors! The forecast calls for 13 degrees and light rain, so we will move everything to the curling rink of the Archie Browning Sports Centre. We will offer covered bike parking close to the entrance and some ice cream for participants who brave the weather to attend. The community rides will still happen, as we hope the rain will be intermittent, but be sure to wear rain gear for maximum comfort.

Please spread the word that the event is still taking place, and has moved to the curling rink.
See you there!


I just wanted to remind you that Esquimalt's first (hopefully annual) Bike Fest is coming up in less than 5 days! I'll tell you all about the six-month journey that led to this event after we pull it off! In the meantime, please be sure to come, rain or shine, for some fun with your neighbours and cycling community. Bring a friend, or two or three and let's make this event a memorable one.

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