Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer Bucket List 2014

Before I kick the summer bucket, here are ten things that I'd like to accomplish:

1) Restart training for my first marathon. After the Around the World Running Blog Relay ended in April, I chose to take the month of May off from training. May turned into June and neither Jose nor I have gotten back on the walk-training train. I'm disappointed because I know that training is what makes a marathon doable. I want to enjoy this challenge in October, and for that to happen, I've got to lace up.

2) Sell the car. One of our 2014 goals was to drive less. We've decided that we can live happily ever after without owning a car. We've listed it for sale online and are waiting for the right buyer to come along and drive off with our first vehicle. If you know anyone who's looking for an entry-level car (read: manual shifting, manual locks and windows), drop me a line!

3) Do a 2-night bicycle camping trip. Last year Ashley and I went bicycle camping for the first time. Last weekend, she went on a two-night camping trip on Salt Spring Island. She's inspired me to pack carefully and hit the road for a similar adventure.

4) Meet internet friends in real life. I'm afraid I'm not as awesome in real life as I am online! I don't want to come off too loud or annoying, too tall or too ... not me. I'm not fishing for compliments, just hoping that I won't rub friends the wrong way when we do eventually meet.

5) Enjoy the beach. The Pacific ocean is cold around here! Last week, both Nae-J and JahJ went into the Gorge water to wade. I was unable to go in past mid-shin. I've been told that the water is warmer earlier in the day, especially on hot days. The Gorge Swim Fest is scheduled for August 10, so I have a few weeks to pray for warm water and build up a tolerance to the cool waters.

6) Go to outdoor movies in Esquimalt. Maybe the ones which start around 8:30 will be the ones I can stay up for.

7) See fireworks. There are some scheduled for Canada Day and British Columbia Day - I just have to make sure to get a nap on those days so I can stay up past dark!

8) Visit a Gulf Island. As much as we haven't discovered everything our island has to offer, I would like to hop on a ferry and visit Mayne, Pender, Galiano or Salt Spring this summer. I guess this is sort of a "grass is greener" item on the bucket list.  

9) Get rid of the tan lines on my feet. Just cause I'm tired of the Mary Jane shoe outlines. I should wear my Birks more. 

10) Grow at least 3 pounds of tomatoes from each plant. Eleanor gave me ten tomato plants in June which I managed to squeeze into ten square feet in my garden bed. This isn't enough room for each plant, but I figure, since they aren't side-by-side neighbours, they should be able to yield their full fruit potential. This is my second time growing tomatoes, and last year's yield was dismal.

I know you've got a summer bucket list too! Link it in the comments below and I wish you the best of the season. 

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  1. Ooh, thanks for the head's up that you're tall! I always think I'm the exact same height as friends and later find out I'm inches (sorry, centimeters!) shorter. Of course I'm sure I'll forget and still think we're the same height.

    And I checked my passport yesterday--I told you I was worries I might be expired, right? The 4-year old and I are both fine to November! So we will most definitely come see you! I want to come to Victoria, but now you've got me curious if perhaps any of the Gulf Islands are relatively flat--can you tell me if you hear anything about that? I'll also be back to SSI at some point, but I don't think I'd want to use my big bike there.