Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Yuba Flip Flop - A Cargo Bike for Kids

The wait is almost over! In just over a month, Yuba Bicycles' Flip Flop bike will be available for purchase. The draw with this kid's bicycle is that not only is it a great, light run bike in fun and flashy colors, but your kids now have cargo room on their own bike. So, say goodbye to having to haul extra teddies and snacks, your kid can now truly be independent! Let's be honest, if your child is anything like mine, they still need you to tell them where to go, when to stop and how to remember to bring their cargo, but at least now they can have a little bit more responsibility in their travels.

Fun Facts:
- The Flip Flop weighs 7lbs 10oz, which is less than both my newborn babies' birth weights
- It comes in one of three bright colors - lime, raspberry and aqua

 - Its target age range is 1.5 to six years


 - The name originates from its ability to flip from a down tube to a top tube and flop the other components to accommodate the growing child


- The rear rack can hold up to 2 to 3 pounds, which means all our travel teddies can come for a ride. Carrying more than a few items could affect the balance of the bike, so don't go overboard, kids!

Click here to watch Yuba Bikes' founder, Ben Sarrazin, talking about his motivation for creating the first cargo bike for kids. You'll see the FlipFlop in action and might want to add it to your holiday shopping list.  

As I wait for this game-changing bike to be available at my local bike shop, both Nae-J and I will dream of the adventures this autumn holds for us. Who knows, she might even bring our camping stove to warm up the hot chocolate on early evening rides!

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