Friday, 27 February 2015

Winter Bike to Work Day

Somewhere in North America it is the dead of winter, the ground is covered in feet of snow, roads are filled with dirty slush splashing around. There's probably a blizzard preventing an airplane from taking off on time. Parents are encouraging their kids to pee one last time before bundling their precious cargo up for the trek to school. Some people have the luxury of pressing a button to preheat their car and defrost their windows. I know that I don't control the weather, and it seems silly to brag about it. But that doesn't stop me! Friday's forecast in Victoria calls for a high of 12 degrees Celcius with a high probability of rain. I trust the sun will peek out and ensure that my ride to work is dry. I'll be sure to wear my contact lenses and a brimmed helmet to prevent a second face shower. Really, though, I'll take a bit of wet over what my Mainland counterparts are weathering.

Friday February 13 was my first Winter Bike to Work Day and I'm thrilled that it looked a lot like many other Bike to Work Days! Since I don't work the 9 to 5 daily grind, I didn't get to enjoy the coffee and treats offered by the Bike to Work Week Society. I'll be sure to stop by a Celebration Station in the spring, though, since I like getting credit for daily bike rides, and a chance to win prizes.

What I thought was snow was soap bubbles. I guess a neighbour was washing her car.

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