Saturday, 25 June 2016

Daily Family Cycling

I have been biking daily since April 1, 2014. During my first year of daily biking, I had many night rides, some as close as the garbage bins out back, right before I put my head on my pillow. Jos considered it cheating, but I was doing what I needed to do for bragging rights! In November of that year, I went back to work, so biking daily wasn't too challenging. I worked four to six days weekly and would ride with the family on my days off. We enjoy going on Ma & Me dates for ice cream or family rides to playgrounds after supper to make sure the kids are completely tuckered. A trick I've found to keep biking everyday is to keep it simple and close. Since most of my activities and errands are within 5kms of our home and we sold our personal vehicle a couple summers ago, I don't really have an excuse to skip a day of cycling.

  Nae-J is also biking tons and loving it. She was having a hard time with the heavy puppy bike, so we borrowed a lighter one from Amanda. We practiced 10-30 seconds per session and she was up and at 'em in no time. Within her first week of riding independently, she wanted to ride on the street, to the playground, the grocery store, the pool... It was difficult to get her on my bike for the not-so-near rides. She is getting stronger every day and learning left from right and shoulder checking while steering straight ahead. It's a great feeling to go out with the whole family, each person pedaling on their own. If just Grand-maman and Grand-papa would join us!

We challenged JahJ to biking every day he is seven years old. He isn't thrilled about it, and questions our motives, but he's past the 30-day mark. Over the last four weeks, I've seen him grow into his daily wheeling and I think he's got the hang of it. Usually, he'll get it done first thing by going to the garden for fennel or the corner store for candy. A few times, it's in the late afternoon when he's realized he hasn't biked yet and is late for his mixed martial arts class - in those cases, cycling in a double win! And then there are the times he cautions his sister about this boooring challenge "You'll see, Nae-J. When you're seven like me, you won't want to bike everyday!" He misses riding on the Hooptie and assures me that the day he turns eight, he's getting back on my bike!

JahJ is a cool dude in the dentist's chair

I really like having both kids on my bike now, since it is such a seldom occurrence. It's liberating to have them ride independently, while always having bungee cords on hand if something goes awry. I don't do epic rides often, I can't remember the last time we went far by bike. We haven't been taking pictures of our daily biking since it's a normal part of our day. But now that I've written a post, maybe I'll make a concerted effort to document the journey. 


  1. Love this. Looking forward to more pictures!

    1. Uploaded a video of one of her first solo strides. Check it out!