Who are you?

The characters of this story are
  • Eunice (I), the pedaling one
  • Joseph (Jose), photographing-mountaineering-novelist or something (I can't quite keep track)
  • Eli'Jah (JahJ), the vociferous navigator who pedals along when he's not too tired
  • Naomie-J (Nae-J), the co-pilot with little sense of direction
We live in Greater Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. We work and play within the city limits. We take the bus on heavily rainy days and walk when the opportunity presents itself. We enjoy spending time together outside. 

What do you ride?

A Devinci London Hybrid bike with Xtracycle's FreeRadical kit attachment. Currently, Nae-J rides in a Yepp Maxi seat and JahJ rides his bike behind/side me. We bike as a primary means to transport ourselves, groceries and garage sale finds.

Where did you buy your bike?

I scored a UsedVictoria find, but you can purchase a FreeRadical kit at Fairfield Bicycle Shop or North Park Bicycle Shop. These shops also carry other longtail bikes and their accessories.

How is it on hills?

There are twenty four gears on my bicycle, and I give myself ample time to get to my destinations. Short answer: I can climb most hills, but I'm not winning any races.

Is your set up the best?

Maybe! There is no one-size-fits-all in cargo bicycle land. "Try before you buy", "Borrow till  you Outgrow". If you can follow these two rules and stick to your budget, you should be able to find the right fit for your needs. I am not a subject matter expert. I am gaining experience while doing the research.

Why are you doing this?

My bicycle is a metaphor for the culture I want to foster around me. It allows me to go places and see things and enjoy the wind blowing in my face as I zip around under my own power. The more I use my bicycle, the stronger I become. The stronger I become, the more range I have. In a sense, my bicycle becomes a better tool as I ameliorate. The more I use my bicycle, the stronger the environment becomes too. My sweat and body heat - byproducts of running my vehicle - do not harm our planet, but give it just the slightest pause to heal a bit from the damage inflicted upon it.

Deciding to use my bicycle requires a way of thinking; it is a cultural mindset. It's a culture of which I want to be a part. It's a culture in which I desire my children to mature.

This blog is a description of what it's like growing up bike in a predominately non-bike culture.

Welcome to Growing Up Bike. 


  1. Hi! I put my blog to rest late last year, but I still check it every once in awhile. Thanks for posting! Glad I discovered your blog. So great! I'll keep reading. Love me a biking family! Keep pedaling...

    1. I know! As I read your goodbye post, I was so bummed :( I hope to make it to six years, and I'm sure your adventures haven't stopped, so that's a silver lining :)

  2. Hi Eunice! I just found your blog through the GearJunkie article. Fun to meet another cargo-biking family :)

    1. Welcome, Melissa! I hope you'll pop in for a visit every now and again to see the evolution of our biking. I should update this F.A.Q. to reflect some of the changes we've already been through.
      Enjoy your rides!